Introducing Twigkit's Senior Software Engineer

It's with great pleasure that we welcome Scott Brown to the Twigkit team.

Scott Brown
Senior Software Engineer

Hi, I’m Scott.

At Twigkit I’ll be working on core development of the software stack. That means expanding our existing products and working on new features in accordance with current strategy and demand.

Before Twigkit I worked at MathWorks as a software quality engineer, and before that at the University of Cambridge as a research associate. For more information, take a look at the European Space Agency mission Gaia!

I’m originally from Brighton but studied in Durham (Physics) and UCL (Spacecraft engineering), before undertaking a PhD at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge.

In my spare time I love to travel and in general stay active, whether it’s exploring some new place, hiking over some mountain, or surfing on some beach. Recent trips have included Copenhagen and Lisbon where you should try the amazing pastéis de nata.

I enjoy cycling and tennis as well popping into local coffee houses first thing on a weekend. If you’re planning on going to Hot Numbers or the Orchard in Grantchester then there’s a good chance I‘ll see you there!

Interested in joining our team?
We have vacancies in both Cambridge and Milpitas offices.

Work Experience @ Twigkit


This week we've been joined by Conor Gilligan. All set to study advanced computing at university, Conor has been an invaluable member of our team this week helping out with an internal application to help us find, organise and structure our own projects, he's put together an image gallery featuring some of the best work we’ve done for our clients, and he's cleansed our data to the extent that you can almost now see your face in it.

Thank you for all your help Conor, and best of luck in your exams. Stay in touch!

Twigkit speaks at Google for Work Event

Just over a week ago we were lucky enough to be invited to Google Paris, to talk at the SEMEA Google Search for Work partners event.

Taking place over two days the event was the perfect opportunity to catch up with partners and friends, and make new connections at the same time.

This year’s event was particularly exciting for Twigkit because we were asked to demonstrate to the audience the exciting possibilities that arise when Twigkit software joins forces with the Google Search Appliance. With full support for all features of the technology, we showed how our modular components can enable businesses to build complex, mobile ready search applications incredibly quickly and efficiently.

We even revealed a couple of new products to the audience including our (currently codenamed) advanced analytics solution, and Twigkit Launchpad, which offers partners a single point of truth for Twigkit documentation, including code resources and a visual UI gallery.

Finally we would like to sincerely thank two of these partners, myG and DotModus, who showcased some of the excellent solutions they’ve successfully delivered with our software, and demonstrated exactly why Twigkit is such a compelling value proposition for partners.

In all, we found Google’s SEMEA event to be an incredibly rewarding and valuable couple of days. As a company that values innovation we really believe that events like these benefit everyone - and we really enjoyed coming together to learn and share knowledge about delivering complex search solutions.

Thank you Google for organising and inviting us to talk. We look forward to seeing more of you next time!

For more information about our products, or about becoming a Twigkit partner, please do get in touch.