2014 Year in review

With 2015 already off to a flying start (Happy New Year!) we wanted to take time to look back and tell you a bit about what Twigkit got up to in 2014.

Last year was our busiest yet. Our products evolved in leaps and bounds and were put through their paces by new and existing customers who helped us to keep pushing the boundaries of our technology.

New projects

Our partners did a great job, and we'd like to thank every one of them for their incredible work in 2014. Through the growing Twigkit partner network, we welcomed a large number of global customers across a number of different industries.

In South Africa, Naspers, supported by our partner DotModus, are using our business intelligence capabilities to analyse transactions and customer behaviour. In the Middle East, the Government of Dubai worked with Twigkit and BRAMS to launch a multi-lingual eGov portal that integrates citizen services and search. The fantastic team at Rolls-Royce even delivered an application to Siemens completely unaided.

The Walt Disney Corporation is using Twigkit in conjunction with Smartlogic semantic enhancement services for media management, and the global drinks company Pernod-Ricard built a secure mobile intranet search, supported by MyG in France.

Whirlpool, supported by Onix are using Twigkit to create an innovative knowledge management portal. Finally we welcome Tieto in Scandinavia to our growing list of partners that build cutting edge search applications.

We also worked directly with a number of in-house teams for organisations that decided to go it alone with Twigkit. With our friends at Google we helped Hays, the global recruitment company build a global platform to connect people with their dream jobs. In the US and Ireland, QAD, the ERP powerhouse, are using Twigkit to drive search and discovery across a number of internal applications. In Singapore, GIC are using Twigkit to create a 360° view of all their customer data, across a host of data silos. Finally, in London, Investec kicked off an enterprise search project and TES Education use Twigkit to search through their vast collection of education resources.

(Oh yes, and there were some others, but if we told you they’d probably kill us.)

Friends and family

We built a series of vertical applications with Google Enterprise, and we were lucky enough to be given behind the scenes access by Microsoft to their cool new cloud search platform.

2015 and beyond

Our team grew as we welcomed some new faces to the team in 2014. We’ve worked incredibly hard on preparing for growth in order to support our lovely partners and the customers that keep us on our toes, through 2015 and beyond. You’ll be hearing more about this in the coming weeks.

And we got this brand new website off the ground.

We wish you all a very happy new year!

– Team Twigkit.