The Power to Predict: Building a better Big Data solution.

Big Data pioneer DotModus is one of Twigkit’s most valued and longest standing partners. Based in South Africa, their team have years of experience in creating bespoke Big Data applications that deliver rich insight for global businesses and governmental customers.


DotModus specialises in the minutiae of data. They know exactly which stones to turn over in order to uncover the richest, most valuable insights. They quickly gauge how to aggregate, connect and interpret that information; and they appreciate the importance — and the challenge — of presenting the resulting insight to end users in the right way.

Of all this, it’s the user interface that DotModus and its customers have historically found to be the most challenging aspect to get right. It’s not that they lack vision: quite the opposite, but as with so many large scale technology projects design time and resources tend to be eaten up early on — leaving the final, crucial finessing to the mercy of project deadlines and budgets.

And so it was Twigkit’s box of tricks, a fully featured library of UI components and enterprise strength capabilities, that led DotModus to Twigkit.

DotModus realised that our dedication to the human aspects of Big Data - the interface elements that help to shape the overall the user experience, is the final piece of the Big Data puzzle. By supporting DotModus’ considerable capabilities on the data side, Twigkit enable them to realise their ambitions of intuitive, mobile ready applications for Big Data, created within a workable timeframe.

What successful Big Data applications look like

Single box Big Data solutions do exist, but they're not without drawbacks. They can be unintuitive and unwieldy to use and, more importantly, lack dedicated focus. Here’s the point: the architecture and form of a good Big Data solution must vary between different verticals, clients and projects. A bespoke solution doesn’t have to cost more if it’s built in a smarter way.

Building smarter is key. Prototype driven development coupled with a toolset that makes getting applications up and running with real data quickly, is very important. Twigkit tools do exactly that — out of the box we’re able to create many of the tent-pole features of Big Data: things like interactive dashboards, interactive visualisations, geospatial heat maps, data enrichment through user feedback, dynamically generated topic pages, reporting, and of course powerful search and discovery capabilities.

We take care of the user experience so that our partners at DotModus can be free to focus on what they do best — architecting and delivering cutting edge solutions that deliver the right sort of insight where it’s most needed.

The Power to Predict

What kind of insight? DotModus recently developed three Big Data applications (spanning Media, Government and Telecommunications) that — on the surface — seem unrelated. These are bespoke systems after all: optimised around different organisational requirements, structures and audiences. But what links them all is search: they harness the power of search to analyse past and real-time human behaviour in order to make predictions about the future.

For a Media company, this might involve tracking individual consumers across multiple media channels to predict probable future purchases, which in turn enables them to push relevant product suggestions and promotions their way.

For a Government department, the power of search can help to keep an ear to the ground at all times: by creating an early warning system that monitors news and social media chatter, and generates alerts should suspicious activity arise.

And for a Telecommunications provider, bringing together call logs and transactional behaviour can reveal spending trends on a per-customer basis, allowing them to predict when and where valued customers are next likely to need a credit top up, or require support.

Each of these Big Data solutions was created by DotModus in a more efficient, agile way than traditional software development. By selecting, configuring and expanding upon Twigkit stock components the journey from project launch to final implementation took days rather than months. Data surfaced by these applications is enhanced thanks to additional capabilities such as user feedback capture, on-the-fly enrichment, and the ability to store complex searches that automatically monitor data sources for new insights.

In essence: faster off the blocks, beautiful to interact with, and genuinely fit for purpose.

Insight from a billion documents,
understood in the blink of an eye

These applications have more going for them than purely good looks. They perform some heavy lifting on the data front, simultaneously handling as many as a billion structured and unstructured documents coming from numerous independent sources.

Processing live data is no easy task, and being able to draw real-time insight and trends from media feeds, news sources and social media requires some very clever thinking indeed. Armed with an ingenious array of technologies, DotModus have managed to develop solutions that prioritise performance without compromising accuracy or features.

The Importance of User Experience

But scale and features aside, what’s really impressive is the way that all of these solutions expose and present the trends , relationships and aggregated sentiment that lies below the surface of data in an elegant, engaging way.

We think that data (big or otherwise) must be presented in a way that is understandable, navigable and welcoming to users, and useful to their business.

User experience is too important a consideration to be left to the end of a project. Scope creep need not occur simply because the user experience was left unfinished, or a last minute consideration. With so much hard work done on the data side, it’s important to remember that without a positive, coherent user experience, users simply will not adopt a solution.

Partnering with Twigkit

We really value our relationship with our growing network of partners like DotModus, and as you've seen, we’re regularly blown away by what they achieve with our technology.

If you have questions or comments about any Twigkit powered application please don’t hesitate to drop us a line today, or to give us a call on +44 (0)1223 653 163 (UK), or (408) 678 – 0400 (North America). For more information about becoming a Twigkit partner, please visit our partner page or drop us a line.

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