Introducing Twigkit's Senior Software Engineer

It's with great pleasure that we welcome Scott Brown to the Twigkit team.

Scott Brown
Senior Software Engineer

Hi, I’m Scott.

At Twigkit I’ll be working on core development of the software stack. That means expanding our existing products and working on new features in accordance with current strategy and demand.

Before Twigkit I worked at MathWorks as a software quality engineer, and before that at the University of Cambridge as a research associate. For more information, take a look at the European Space Agency mission Gaia!

I’m originally from Brighton but studied in Durham (Physics) and UCL (Spacecraft engineering), before undertaking a PhD at the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge.

In my spare time I love to travel and in general stay active, whether it’s exploring some new place, hiking over some mountain, or surfing on some beach. Recent trips have included Copenhagen and Lisbon where you should try the amazing pastéis de nata.

I enjoy cycling and tennis as well popping into local coffee houses first thing on a weekend. If you’re planning on going to Hot Numbers or the Orchard in Grantchester then there’s a good chance I‘ll see you there!

Interested in joining our team?
We have vacancies in both Cambridge and Milpitas offices.