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Go beyond search. Our bespoke solutions let you find and unlock the insight hidden within your data, and present your findings in an engaging, legible way.


We embrace your existing organisational silos to paint a complete picture of your business, shown through stunning visualisations, interactive charts and geospatial maps.

A pragmatic approach

The bulk of business data exists in silos – dotted across organisational tiers, departments and geographies. And broadly speaking, the larger the organisation, the more silos there are.

There are good reasons why keeping different types of structured information inside different platforms makes sense. If you design and build cars, Google Search Appliance (GSA) might be perfect for storing your engineering department data, whilst a custom Solr platform might have been developed for your factory floor. Different parts of a business are run by different people with different needs and priorities, and they will adopt the most apt system as they see fit.

Which can make it seem impossible to get a top down view. Conventional thinking might suggest that to explore your data in a meaningful way, you should first bring it all together in one place. But across different departments often in different geographies, consolidation is usually too ambitious.

There are technical challenges and risks of data integrity loss when extracting and reindexing on this scale, and by the time a new system has been built and passed UAT, it may have already lost relevancy. Perhaps most damaging is the risk of alienating those people you’re trying to help. Your engineers rely on the integrated features that GSA offers. Your manufacturing teams love their custom Solr setup, because they built it themselves.

Higher value solutions

We sidestep these problems by embracing business silos. Acting as a glue between them, our middleware queries all silos simultaneously and returns a single set of collated results, presented in a clear, human readable format.

Completely tailored to your organisation, our search tools and automatically generated "topic" pages let you really gather and interrogate your data to uncover genuine, actionable insight. Every search you perform is like generating a custom report on the fly. And because it’s a fresh search each time you hit submit, it’s a report that's always up to date.

Our modular, abstracted technology allows our built for purpose solutions to come together incredibly quickly, and with measurably better results than integrating with an off the shelf solution.

     For the NHS we created an e  lectronic medical record  search that makes it easier and faster for   hospital staff to access a range of patient data. 


For the NHS we created an electronic medical record  search that makes it easier and faster for hospital staff to access a range of patient data. 

Large retail bank

A mobile banking application logs all customer interactions across all devices.

Thanks to their custom twigkit solution, the bank is able to view every user session, from customer log in to log out, as a timeline. Within that timeline they’re able to drill down into the total number of clicks made by the customer, and whether or not that customer successfully completed their attempted transactions.

Widening the data set to include all customer sessions, the bank starts to see wider trends emerge. Every failed transaction that also took 30 clicks or more per session, occurred on a certain model of tablet running a certain software version.

Their mobile application had a bug.

The scope and value of systems like this are endless, and can benefit any industry. By allowing organisations to interpret their data in a rich and compelling way, we’re giving staff the power to make more informed and evidence based decisions.

Better connect your business. Recognise challenges and opportunities earlier, and start to gather the insight you need to strengthen customer relationships.

Our built for purpose solutions offer high value without changing the way that your staff work, or by putting your data at risk. We embrace organisational silos to transform business information into insight.

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