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Vodafone came to us with a challenge: they wanted their website search to increase conversions whilst reducing the volume of support calls from customers.

In just two days we created a modern, mobile friendly search interface which clearly separates those looking to buy a new phone from those needing customer support.

Twigkit's workflow processors allow the Vodafone website to avoid the dreaded 'zero search results' page. When a postcode, personal telephone number or reward voucher ID is entered into the search, visitors are presented with helpful, contextual suggestions rather than a dead end.

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The world's largest chemical company asked us to help transform its' internal patent search and discovery application. With over 1,000 patent registrations each year, it was no small undertaking.

Thanks to our rapid application development capabilities, the system was rapidly brought online to present published journal articles from all related fields alongside advanced search and filtering, data visualisation, peer commenting and topic specific detail pages.

BASF now have a cutting edge search and discovery application tailored towards the precise needs of their scientific staff.

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PwC South Africa needed to develop an enterprise search solution that could link together people, projects and documents. But there was a catch...

The catch was that these pieces of information all lived in different locations. Twigkit, in tandem with the Google Search Appliance (GSA) and a Google integration partner, delivered a user friendly single point of access to PwC information housed in their internal file system, intranet, document management system, user directory, CRM, and project management system.

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Twigkit’s out of the box support for mobile, combined with their emphasis on user experience made them the right choice for Hays.

We’re now able to offer our global candidates a powerful, user friendly search experience to help them land their dream role. The Twigkit team delivered a large, complex solution in weeks (rather than months).
— Manoj Agarwal Systems, Integration Director at Hays

40,000 Rolls-Royce staff needed single point access to aerospace information stored across their intranet, file system and document management system.

After assessing their requirements, Twigkit were able to deliver a solution that provides access to data from all sources simultaneously, whilst respecting Rolls-Royce's need for tight access controls.

A shining example of Twigkit technology working in a highly controlled environment, the solution leans heavily on the abilities of our security module to authenticate users against the Rolls-Royce user directory. Our federation module handles export control restrictions, and our collaboration module provides all users with the ability to save searches, and tag and bookmark items.

The Financial Times team were looking for greater agility in building, iterating and maintaining search UI across their family of websites, starting with

With Twigkit on board, a new search was in place on the website and ready to deploy within a single week. Our themable user interface components allowed us to ensure that every aspect of the new search adhered to their brand guidelines and felt at home within their existing website.

Taking advantage of Twigkit's support for multiple data providers and templating tools, the new search returns improved, richer results including curated content and stock quotes originating from a third party provider.

For all industries

Scalable, configurable and totally secure, Twigkit solutions have proven their worth across a range of industries.


Media & Entertainment
Financial Times
The Walt Disney Company
Informatics India

Financial Services
Société Générale
Mutual & Federal
Springleaf Financial Services
Silicon Valley Bank

Koch Industries
L3 National Security Systems
Various Military & Defense

The National Health Service
US Department of Health
The United Arab Emirates
Camden Borough of London
The Labour Party

Non Profit Organisations
American Society of Civil Engineers
Minnesota Historical Society
RTI International
Sarah Lawrence College

Technology & Services
Aerospace Corporation
European Bioinformatics Institute

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