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Over time, data becomes widely distributed across an organisation, hiding amongst silos including shared folders, email systems, intranets, databases, forgotten legacy systems, and others.

Our enterprise search applications accept your silos the way they find them. We offer single point access to all of your business data, and a set of tools to let your workforce find it, without moving or reindexing it in any way.

Our product has been optimised to meet the needs and expectations of our large, ambitious enterprise clients.

The specifics of individual solutions vary, but there are a handful of 'must-have' considerations we believe all enterprise search applications must meet.


Enterprise solutions must be 100% compatibile with all data providers and underlying search engines. If you're not able to pull your information out of your existing or legacy systems, you risk missing the full picture.

Twigkit software is unique in this respect. Our products can access any data provider or search engine out-of-the-box. With just a few lines of code, we can securely query and surface data from multiple behind-the-firewall locations within your organisation.

The benefits are wide ranging, but you can expect more productive and better informed staff, more thorough audit trails and data forensics, and visibility across all data silos that your staff use on a daily basis, from anywhere, on any device.

Rapid deployment

Enterprise IT projects have a reputation for feature creep, launch delays and spiralling costs.

Our modular technology and transparent, prototype driven approach allow us to deliver tangible results instantly and tune quickly. Following a short consultation in which we get to know your specific challenge or opportunity, we aim to have something tangible in front of you within 2-3 days.

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Rapid, widespread adoption

Systems that are nice to use keep people coming back. We take a user-first approach to everything we do, and we invest heavily in our interface, and overall user experience.

Tactile and user friendly, our solutions empower staff to discover more and to work better together - by saving searches, bookmarking results, and annotating documents with colleagues.

We offer a rich data visualisation library - from tag clouds to bar charts and pie charts - which paint an even more vivid picture for users: mapping offers geographical context, and advanced navigation options enable staff to answer precise queries alongside relevant peripheral information, leading to better, more rounded in-house decisions.

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Enterprise solutions must prioritise security. Our approach is uncompromising - we abstract and support multiple authentication providers and integrate with Active Directory for granular, document-level security.

Even for search engines with no built in support for security, access to documents and data can be set based on any criteria including role/position, region/geography, or a combination of factors. Please contact us for more information.

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Intranet and file-share search for a leader in aircraft engines and other sophisticated power systems.
– Derby, United Kingdom

Powers a variety of search application for the global leader in wireless technology and semiconductors.
– San Diego, United States

Intranet, people, customer and project search for this global professional services supplier.
– Johannesburg, South Africa

Intranet and staff directory search for the world leader in digital security.
– Paris, France

Enterprise search for the managers of federally funded research and development centers for the DoD, FAA, IRS, and other government agencies.
– Bedford, United States

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