Financial Services

See for yourself how Financial Services institutions can identify new sales opportunities, provide better customer service and ensure that regulatory boxes are ticked – all within a single, search-enabled Twigkit application.


At the end of the day Twigkit search-enabled applications are about helping you to make better business decisions.

Better decisions come from being completely informed. With a 360° top down view of all your customers, your staff will have the right tools to uncover real, actionable insight and provide a better and more relevant service as a result.

Financial companies understand the need for such a comprehensive, top down view more than most. The cost of missing legal or regulatory requirements can be high.

Let's take a closer look at the above Altostrat KYC example application in a little more detail:


Clean and familiar, yet complete with a number of features to make narrowing results and finding individual customers fast and simple. These include as-you-type search suggestions with full keyboard support, dynamic navigation categories that update as you refine, selected filter capsules that let you simply adjust searches on the fly, and powerful interactive data visualisations and maps to really illustrate trends and groupings within your data.

Customer Overview

Powered completely by search, the Customer Overview page brings together everything you have about an individual customer, including account details, products and services held, regulatory documents they’ve provided (with full previews), alongside searchable archives of correspondence and transaction history.

Individuals can be bookmarked and shared internally, and notes can be left on their overview page to ensure that staff are aware of all interactions made with the customer.

Transaction Search

With potentially thousands of transactions per customer it's vital that customer service operatives can locate individual and groups of transactions quickly and positively. Powerful, dynamic navigation makes refining searches easy, and interactive charts and visualisations highlight trends and suspicious account behaviour.

Should it not be suitable for transactions to be directly indexed in the search platform, Twigkit solutions' ability to abstract data platforms — search engines and databases alike, means that records can be searched and displayed directly from a database.

Indeed our solutions can access your customer data wherever it is held, in any format, and present it to your staff through a clean, user friendly interface that will help them to make better decisions.

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