Manufacturing companies can leverage search to streamline the product lifecycle — bringing together the documents, defect reports, ideas, and people that are foundational to every manufacturer.


Search can enable manufacturers to:

  • Gain insights by reviewing research documents and idea submissions during product design and development.
  • Drive continuous innovation by identifying and addressing defects early.
  • Encourage collaboration by enabling staff to find people with relevant expertise.
  • Streamline servicing by providing one-stop access for all the documents and resources related to a specific product.


To show how manufacturers can achieve these business objectives with search, we built a product-focused application that provides:

  • Product search. Quickly find the right product using search-as-you-type, or a dedicated search page. When reviewing product results, jump straight to the related documents, cases, ideas, and experts for a given product.
  • Document search. Search for any document in the corporate intranet, document management system, or file system, encouraging knowledge transfer across teams and departments.
  • Case search. Search and review defect cases across the product portfolio to identify and address quality issues.
  • Idea search. Review ideas for improvements and new products submitted by internal experts.
  • People search. Find anyone in the organisation by their name, role, or expertise.
  • Product overview page. Quickly gain an overview of a given product’s key details, and its related documents, cases, ideas, people, related products, and product notes.