Forward-thinking media companies are increasingly using search tostrengthen customer engagement through next-generation content exploration and discovery.


To bolster customer engagement, media companies can use search to:

  • Provide a seamless experience that bridges the gap between search and browse.
  • Help users jump straight to the content they’re interested in with search-as-you-type.
  • Increase retention by using search to provide links to related content.
  • Leverage the long-tail of content with search-driven topic pages that deliver content in a discoverable, editorial format.


To demonstrate how media companies can enhance customer engagement using search, we built an application using a collection of films that delivers:

  • Search and browse. In the past, search and browse have too often been divorced, resulting in a disjointed experience for users (see our blog post on Information Wayfinding). This application bridges that gap, making it easy to browse by genre (including SEO-optimised, human-friendly URLs such as “/genres/action/”), while at the same time apply filters and use keyword search.
  • An editorial feel. Film results are presented in an editorial style, with emphasis on the first film, followed by two columns of subsequent results, challenging the stereotype of search result presentation.
  • Detail pages. Review the details of a particular film, click on any actor to view other films starring that actor, and peruse a list of similar films.
  • Topic pages. View the films by any particular director, actor, writer, etc., with dynamic topic pages (for example “/actors/harrison_ford/”, or “/directors/george_lucas/”).