Forward thinking businesses demand a forward thinking approach.

Faster to build and deploy. Easier to test and maintain. Dedicated to meeting the needs of your business. Building search applications with Twigkit modular components makes better business sense all round.


We're different

We've been told that we're unique in the industry.

With a suite of search modules that can retrieve data from any combination of search engines, databases and data providers simultaneously, our solutions offer both reach and flexibility.

Without the need to move your data into a central respository or shoehorn it into a rigid, out of the box solution; our technology acts as a glue that connects together all of your data silos and giving your end users a single access point to aggregated results.

It's a unique approach, for sure. But as you can see, many of the most forward thinking organisations in the world share our view that it's the future of search.

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A modular approach

Twigkit search applications are built by selecting and configuring proven, modular components.

Modular means faster. Create a working prototype in hours, and iterate until your solution fits perfectly. You'll end up with a better solution created in a more efficient, rational way.

Modular also means safer. Used by millions of people globally, our technology has been penetration tested by the world's most security conscious companies. Why take the risk, and the financial burden, of starting from scratch?

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A more user focussed experience

We've invested years of usability research into our mobile friendly user interface (UI) components.

Covering everything from search boxes and buttons to visualisations and heatmaps, our UI components offer great defaults that mean your search interface will take shape in front of your eyes.

You're always in complete control. As development progresses you can completely customise the appearance of your solution to ensure a perfect fit with your brand.

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Built responsibly

Our stateless architecture ensures that Twigkit powered search applications are robust, easy to deploy, and highly scalable.

We live and breathe open standards. And because our technology has been designed to interact with other systems and architectures so closely, we've been careful to ensure that our code and markup is lean, clean, semantic and compliant.

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Information into insight

Twigkit solutions are trusted daily across a huge range of industries, and in a number of capacities.

From spotting nascent software bugs to optimising mobile banking transactions. From helping to prevent crime to helping doctors at the bedside; we give people the tools to draw actionable intelligence from their information, and make better and more informed decisions as a result.

Talk to us today about how our solutions can transform the way that you work with your data.

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