Public Sector

Increase the efficiency and transparency of public sector procurement by gaining deeper insight into the tenders, tender actions, buyers, and sellers involved in the procurement process.


Government organisations can take advantage of search in the procurement process to:

  • Accurately review individual contracts with a comprehensive view of the contract’s constituent actions, documents, buyer, seller, and people, all in one place.
  • Search and explore contracts using criteria such as buyer and seller, category, and financials.
  • Discover big-picture insights across all contracts with a 40,000 foot visual dashboard.
  • Investigate buyers and sellers by reviewing all contracts and contract actions for any entity.


To demonstrate these objectives, we built a procurement application that features:

  • A dashboard. Get a bird’s-eye view of all contracts thanks to a panel of charts and graphs.
  • Contract search. Use search-as-you-type to jump straight to a contract if the contract ID is already known. Or, when exploring for insights, refine the search using criteria such as the contact’s financials, the buyer and seller, contract type, contract category, and so on.
  • Contract action search. For each contract there are one or more contract actions. Search, filter, and sort the table to find contract actions of interest.
  • Vendor search. Search for vendors, and get a 360-degree view of all the contracts they’re involved in.
  • Contract overview page. Review all the information known about a given contract, all in one place, including all the associated contract actions and documents.