Secure Intelligence & Analytics

Enable your operators to reveal hidden insights within your data, find and interpret evidence, and spot and track relationships, with a Twigkit Secure Intelligence & Analytics Application that spans all your organisation's data sources simultaneously.


Created by combining tried and tested modular components, our applications are faster to create, require zero additional custom development, and are tailored to the exact requirements of your organisation.

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The challenges of drawing
out the insight from your data

Over time data becomes scattered across an organisation. Distributed across departments and geographies, and trapped inside silos including email systems, shared folders, intranets, databases, and legacy systems, it's impossible to bring everything together in order to identify the connections between disparate pieces of your data, and the insight that these connections hold.

The high cost, complexity and uncertainty involved in moving your data into a single, central repository makes it an unworkable, unrealistic option. Similarly, the compromises involved in shoehorning your data into a rigid, out of the box solution are not worth considering: a catch-all solution simply isn’t tuned to the needs of your organisation or the characteristics of your data.

A simpler, smarter approach

By acting as a glue that connects together all of your existing, distributed data silos, Twigkit powered Secure Intelligence & Analytics applications keep your data exactly where it is (where it should logically reside) whilst painting the most complete picture of your data possible.

All whilst giving your operators secure, single point access to everything you have, alongside the right tools to explore, expose and ultimately act upon the unseen relationships and insights that lie within.

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Great User Experience

The bottom line is this: your data is only valuable if your operators understand exactly what they're seeing, and what it all means. After all, people don't come to your solution craving raw data. They come with questions, and the hope that the answers will lead them to stronger conclusions and better decisions.

Twigkit's clear, usable and engaging user interfaces help your operators to explore, find and understand the hidden insights within your data. Out of the box we supply a comprehensive suite of modular user interface components to rapidly create enabling, understandable interfaces, optimized for all screens and devices.

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Order Out of Chaos

Twigkit solutions accept, enhance, and present data from any number of systems, silos, and platforms simultaneously. Get a complete, top down view of your organization in addition to enriched information about every piece of data available.

Include automatic alerting for a complete, real-time 360° view, and add our collaboration module to pool group knowledge and enable cross-departmental cooperation and intelligence sharing.

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Optimized for Speed of Delivery

Build a tailor-made application in the time it takes to buy off the shelf. Unlike most software projects many of our applications come together, from initial data loading to live demo, in under a week. The secret is our modular structure, which enables greatly reduced development times and repeatable, predictable success - at a fraction of the cost of custom development.

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Flexible & Future Proof

Defined only by the problems they need to solve, our applications perfectly fit the shape of your data, and the requirements of your organization.

By using pre-built components and neatly separating your application from all underlying data sources, you’ll have a secure investment that will grow in value over time.

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Trusted Security

Never compromise on security. Battle hardened by military, law enforcement, government, and Fortune 500 clients, our applications deliver more than just good gate keeping. They enforce permissions on a per-item basis, and personalization by user role, geography, or any other criteria.

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Twigkit’s out of the box support for mobile, combined with their emphasis on user experience made them the right choice for Hays. The Twigkit team delivered a large, complex solution in weeks rather than months.

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