We believe in enabling the most beautiful, useful and user friendly search applications in the world.


Technology is a massive part of our success, but it's our approach that really resonates with our clients. Here's how we think, work, and what you can expect of us.


We're a software company at heart, but we're not a traditional supplier. Our search based solutions are all about helping your business and your people, which is why we try to get to know both before we start.

We're collaborative

We've delivered many successful solutions for our clients over the years, but all organisations have their individual needs, challenges and eccentricities. For this reason we start by talking to you and your team, and we keep talking to you. Transparent at every step, we quickly frame your business problem or opportunity, and outline what you'll need in terms of modules and configuration.

Our objective is to deliver a solution that hits every mark with your customers, and delivers the best possible return on investment to your organisation.

Our team consists of experienced, cross-disciplinary, nice people. We're all client facing, so you and your team will get to know everyone involved in delivering your solution.

We're happy working with you from our office in Cambridge, or directly with your team on-site.

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Prototype driven development

We get something tangible up and running as quickly as possible, using real data. Experience has taught us that there's real value in seeing "the lie of the land" as early as possible. Often, achieving this takes just two or three days.

Then we iterate and refine. No solution exists in a vacuum, and we're happy to involve end users in order to fine tune. Also important is ensuring that everything looks and feels in step with your organisation and brand. Our UI components can be visually styled using standard CSS.

As everything comes together we're more than happy to work with you to ensure a smooth deployment and ongoing use of the system. We offer full support to all customers and provide developer access to our complete pattern library and documentation store.

We believe in what we're doing

For our partners in business, our search applications can reveal genuine business intelligence and insight, transforming the way that they work.

But in the wider world, by changing the way that data flows through organisations our solutions are making real differences to people's lives.

We've helped law enforcement officials spot and track criminal activity. We've helped doctors surface and interpret medical data at the bedside. These types of project have helped us to realise the true value of data when expressed correctly: in lucid, human-legible terms. They make us want to work harder, and they make us proud of what we've achieved so far.

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