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Financial Services

Watch a solution improve customer experience, drive sales, mitigate regulatory risk and offer a complete 360° view of customers.

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See a media-rich exploration and discovery solution optimised to strengthen adoption and engagement for media providers.

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Discover how bringing together technical documents, ideas, reports and people can streamline product lifecycles for manufacturers.

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Public Sector

Achieve efficiency, transparency and accountability from a solution that delivers insight across tenders, procurement, buyers and sellers.

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“What does my business need?”

Every organisation is different. If your requirements sit outside of strict categories, or if you're not quite sure what your needs are; do get in touch – we work across all industries and can help clarify things for you.

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A Unique, Modular Approach

Being modular, Twigkit powered search applications are built more quickly, better fit business requirements, and require no additional custom development.

We let you build solutions by simply pulling together the components you need, when you need them. It's a more flexible approach that saves you time and mitigates risk.


Twigkit’s out of the box support for mobile, combined with their emphasis on user experience made them the right choice for Hays. The Twigkit team delivered a large, complex solution in weeks rather than months.
— Manoj Agarwal, HAYS

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